Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When will I be able to log in?

Once we've received your fully completed subscription form, your account is usually activated within 24 hours. We will send you an email to confirm the set up has been completed. A copy will follow in the post.

Do I have to subscribe to all languages/levels/ sections or can I pick and choose?

Having a complex set of different options would mean that we spend more time helping schools choose what is best for them. The resulting constant upgrade and downgrade process would not be the best use of our time either. Offering all our resources to every subscriber in a single package allows us to reduce time spent on administration and ultimately to offer an affordable subscription to all. In essence, you're not paying for all languages/levels, but rather getting all languages/levels for the price of one.

What if I cannot afford the subscription price?

Put things into perspective: for the average school, the cost is just a few pence per student. What is it compared to the cost of a set of CD-ROMs or textbooks? But if your budget simply won't stretch to the full cost, you can find a list of suggestions on how to fund your subscription at:

I'm an individual (teacher/parent/student). Can I subscribe?

In an effort to cut down on administrative work, Linguascope is only available to schools. If you are a parent/student, check whether your school has a subscription; if so, simply ask your teacher for the login details as students are allowed to access the site from home if the school has purchased a site subscription. Alternatively we have a range of apps suitable for individual use.

Does our subscription cover all our campuses, feeder or partner schools?

Unfortunately not. Each school where the resources are used must have its own licence. Note that the licence is site-specific, so if your school has several campuses you will need as many licences. If you wish to purchase subscriptions for more than one school, contact us to find out about bulk discounts.

What are the minimum technical requirements?

The Linguascope website runs on both PC and Mac machines, and iPad and Android tablets through our special subscriber apps. On a desktop computer, you should ensure that you have an up-to-date browser installed to access the website, although the site should display in Internet Explorer (minimum version: 8), Safari, Chrome and Firefox without any problems. Our activity sections use HTML5 canvas for interactive content, so please ensure that JavaScript is enabled and able to run unimpeded on your system.