Renewing your subscription

You will receive a reminder by post approximately two months before your subscription is due to expire. We recommend that you renew at least two weeks before the expiry date. Renewing early will ensure that there is no lapse in your subscription, and you will not lose out as we will simply add 12 months to your existing subscription.

If your subscription has already lapsed, please follow the procedure below and avoid calling us as we will not be able to renew your account over the phone, nor fast-track your application.

To renew your subscription, simply select your country / region below, and download and complete the subscription form. You will need to select a new password and update any details that may have changed. Then return the form by post, fax or email along with payment or an official purchase order (a document issued by your finance office to confirm the order has been authorised). Alternatively, you can pay online in certain regions.

On receipt of your order, you will be sent a confirmation and invoice or receipt.